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All our solutions are either developed or being developed by our team, and they are multitenant cloud services where our software is provided as service (SaaS). We are also flexible and can discuss other options that might be more convenient for you.

Invoport isĀ an investor services platform that digitally provides the registrar agent services such as generate capital calls and distribution notices, capital statements and a CRM which the investors can use to check their investment and the funds performance 24/7.

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Invoport SARL

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Magma will be an ERP of holding companies; it will be designed to be a multiservice platform that can be licenced partially.

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Expected 1/4/2023

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Our Business Transformation ServicesĀ 

A) Our Business Analysis

This function is key to help your developers understand your business to design and develop your digital projects. We create a bridge between your operational and development teams by designing the workflows, internal controls, and any other relevant documentation.

B) ERP Design and Implementation

A step further to our business analysis service, we can help you through our business partners develop your ERP in most cost-efficient way using Odoo or other reputable open-source business management software.